Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am really tired of women just wanting to start shit to make it seem like they are victim by accusing a man of being a pervert. I was on the Subway on the way to work this morning and I noticed my neck tie was crooked so I was using the reflection of the window to adjust MY NECK TIE and some women yelled at me called me disgusting because to her i was handling my tie like my cock. So i was like well I am not doing anything perverted but she kept on yelling and had the other club whores coming home demanding that I wait for the next train so she would stop yelling and as a gentleman for her to feel safe FEEL safe. I explained that if i waited for the next train that I will be late for work. Also I was adjusting my tie not my cock. She is obviously drunk or crazy. So the laidees (spelled right) decided to say that I was following her even though she was on the train already when I got on. That I need to stop harassing her. This is when I got pissed raised my voice with all the bass i could muster and I said you filthy fucking cunts you are born disgusting with blood coming out your snatches and you get drunk dress like whores and accuse other people of being as filthy and degenerate as you are. I am off to work you know they thing your Father had to do so you can grow up and be sluts. Quit fucking with me I work hard for a living on my feet and not on my knees. I hate stuck up misbehaving women. Yet I bet there will be one fuck that will ignore the details and say i shouldn't talk to women that way. Because women can disrespect men because its empowering I am sorry Men are better shit talkers.