Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Misandry Alert!!!: Facebook Group Supports Catherine Kieu Becker!

Louie Bee
February 28, 2012
For those of you who are not familiar with the case;

Catherine Kieu Becker is a Southern California woman who drugged her estranged husband, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis, and put it through a garbage disposal. She was arrested on charges of aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, torture, and spousal abuse. She has been indicted and is currently being held at the Orange County jail in California.  If convicted on all counts, she faces a maximum sentence of life in state prison with the possibility of parole. She has pleaded not guilty of her crimes and the trial is set for September 24, 2012.  Kieu is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Here's what cops and prosecutors say happened the night of July 11, 2011:
After the couple argued over a friend staying at their Garden Grove residence on a later date, Kieu made dinner for her 60-year-old husband, who'd previously filed for divorce. He later felt tired and went to bed, only to awake to discover his arms and legs had been bound to the bedpost, and the Mrs. was in the process of slicing off his manhood with a 10-inch kitchen knife. After the dirty deed, she is alleged to have called the cops, admitting over the phone that she had done it and that her unidentified mate deserved it. Paramedics retrieved the penis out of the disposal, but surgeons could not re-attach it during emergency surgery at UCI Medical Center in Orange.
So now apparently, there is a Facebook group that supports Catherine Kieu.The group is called Free Catherine Kieu Becker (found here) mission statement is this:
This page is dedicated to Catherine Kieu Becker, who we believe should be set free to receive the proper care and help she needs. HATERS WILL BE BLOCKED, BANNED, AND NEGATIVE, OFFENSIVE MATERIAL WILL BE DELETED!
I mean who isn't going to hate this group. They are just saying it is no big deal to mutilate a  man's penis. Whoever started this page liked other infamous women that killed men like Aileen Wuornos (I was surprised when I saw that bitch had a fan page too).

The person's argument is that she shouldn't be treated so harshly because she didn't kill him. Yeah cutting off a mans penis is no big deal just get him a bandage and make him walk it off like he got hit by a fastball.

Thankfully someone else started a counter group called "Free Catherine Kieu Becker page advocates violence towards men" Found here

This man will forever suffer for the rest of his life. He can no longer enjoy sex. So yes I believe that deserves her to have a life sentence at least. However, the pussy pass allows her a chance at parole. To have group to support this animal is despicable. I mean had Catherine Kieu been a clitoris or breast there would be nationwide outrage but, since it was a man who was mutilated it is a fucking joke.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrvDhSB7GHk]